Internet connected mouse traps – the future of pest control

British people love animals, or at least their pets, which are often treated like their children. When it comes to certain animals though, the feelings change dramatically. Rats, mice, spiders, ants, bats, crows, pigeons, seagulls, even foxes are often considered an undesirable nuisance.

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Tackling the problem

Dealing with some of these creatures is quite straightforward, as a range of products aimed at eradicating things like ants are easy to find, while there’s plenty of information on alternative natural methods available online.

Four legs and a trap

While some can justify sprinkling powder or pellets the thought of laying mouse traps, which cause severe injury and pain to rodents, can be hard to stomach, no matter how serious a problem they’re causing. This is definitely an area where the professionals are welcome to deal with it, although due to their unpredictable behavior, catching the mice out in the open at the right time can be tricky.

Technology to the rescue

It’s lucky then that Rentokil has launched a new style of mousetrap. Called ResiConnect, the trap acts like a burglar alarm. Once two infrared beams inside the trap are broken carbon dioxide is released, killing the mouse quickly and humanely. The company deals with the problem, saving squeamish human residents of the house any need to be involved.

The law and nuisance creatures

Unfortunately perhaps, not all the furry and feathered pests we encounter can be dispatched so easily. Many are protected from all harm by laws which can lead to serious consequences if broken. Bats are a good example, as are squirrels. Birds too, which could be a dilemma for the thousands of people plagued by the noise, mess and general nuisance urban crows, pigeons and seagulls create. Rather than tackling such problems themselves, those affected are required to call on nuisance bird management services, and rely on trained professionals such as to deal with the issue.

There’s no doubt that pest animals, whether inside or outside your home can affect quality of life or even, in extreme cases, the value of your property. In some cases this kind of problem can be avoided or dealt with directly, but when that is not possible the hands-on work is best left to those who are experts at it.