Modern and Unusual Garden Offices

Many of us would love the comfort and convenience of a well-equipped home office, but it’s not always possible to sacrifice the space inside our homes. With children living at home longer and longer due to out-of-reach property prices, and many of us inviting elderly parents to move in once they are unable to live alone, space is at a premium in an increasing number of UK households. One solution to a lack of space inside the home is to look out into the garden. Installing an office in the garden has become a popular option for homeowners who need a comfortable office but can’t spare the space for one inside their house.

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As the Independent points out, more and more of us are embracing homeworking as commutes become longer and more expensive and working conditions in many offices deteriorate, becoming more stressful and less rewarding.

With the trend for homeworking continuing to grow, adding an attractive and functional garden office to your property could be a huge plus point when you eventually come to sell up and move on.

There are several options open to you if you’re interested in expanding your property out into the garden, and reputable and experienced firms such as can talk you through some of their most popular garden studios.

Building an Office in a Shed

While your average garden shed is definitely not suitable for a working office, many companies now provide specialist sheds that are perfect for this purpose. A shed is cheaper than a bricks-and-mortar structure, and it can be built or assembled very quickly. When it comes to price, the sky’s the limit, but you will be able to find a number of options starting at around £5000 if you need to stick to a budget.

Pod Studios

Pods have become extremely popular in recent years, and they are a common sight on the pages of designer interiors magazines. Many pods are designed to be used for rest and relaxation, but they are also a popular option for a home office. Pods are generally contemporary in appearance and are very much the choice of the style-conscious homeowner. Pods can add considerable value to your home, which is something to bear in mind if you are planning to sell up in the near future.