Top ways to have better and healthier sex

Do you remember how good sex used to be? Are you now more interested in snuggling up with a good book than a steamy session with your partner? No matter how much you enjoy sex, there comes a point for most of us when life seems to get in the way; however, you can rekindle those old feelings and reconnect with your sensual self.

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Love your body

Liking your body is the first step towards healthier, more enjoyable sex. It is a sad fact that as many as 80 per cent of UK women have a negative image of their body, which can be carried directly into the bedroom. Feeling fat or unattractive while in bed with your partner can stop you being in the moment and enjoying it. Remember that your partner loves you the way you are – ask them what it is that they love about your body and write down the answers.

Connecting mind and body

One side effect of having a negative body image is the lack of mind-body connection. To get back in touch, you need to recapture those moments when your mind feels totally in tune with your body, such as after a particularly satisfying yoga session or long run. We all need to do things that make us feel comfortable in our skin’ for example, treat yourself to a regular massage, take a walk with the children, or wear those favourite jeans.

Stay healthy

Not having a regular partner should not be a barrier to great sex; however, it is important to take great care over your sexual health. This means always using the appropriate protection and having regular checks. It is possible to go for STI testing in London and other areas, alternatively, you can order a home testing kit from websites such as


Abstinence is an extreme step, but one that can be very effective. If you can’t have something, you crave it more. Touch and tease each other and then deny yourselves for a day or two. The anticipation will build to create something wonderful when you finally go for it.

Make the first move

Women are often so busy that they forget they can be the ones to instigate sex. Most men love this, and it is very empowering.