What Exactly is Kerb Appeal?

How attractive is your property from the road? You sometimes only get one chance to make a good impression and while you’re beautifying the interior, the exterior is just as important.

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Front Door

Your front door is one of the first things you see, so make sure it has kerb appeal. A front door should fit in with the design of your house and should be clean and well maintained. A fresh coat of paint won’t do any harm.


Your driveway and path should be well swept and rubbish free. If it is looking a bit weather-beaten, use a pressure washer to remove built-in dirt. Bicycles and garden equipment should be stored out of sight and fencing or railings could be given a lick of paint. Hedges should be well trimmed and free from debris and rubbish.


If you have a front garden, houses look beautiful with plants and greenery trailing up them. Landscaped beds with colourful planting, window boxes and flower-filled planters will make your garden look cheerful. Incorporate herb planters such as lavender and rosemary, which will add beautiful scents to your entrance.


Add a stylistic statement and fit new exterior lights, both to your porchway and to the garden. Solar light fixtures are a good way to add character to your property’s frontage, using them to highlight your garden’s best features. Solar lights along your pathway will clearly define the route to your front door.

Improving the appearance of a property with the aim to sell does not have to be expensive. Your local estate agent such as Gloucester estate agency http://www.tgres.co.uk/ will give you advice on aspects of your property that they feel need improving.


Make sure your house has a number or name that is clearly visible from the road. Mirror the style of your interior to give guests a taste of what to expect, with bold fonts for a contemporary look or ceramics or slate for a more traditional style.


Keep your windows sparkling clean at all times and keep paintwork clean and fresh. Rotten window frames are not acceptable and will need replacing with new ones, but remember to keep these to the same as the design of the house.

Prospective buyers will want to know that the house has been well maintained, and kerb appeal will certainly help.